Singing: “HE’S A SMART GOD” (in the tune of the opening theme song from the television show “Smart Guy”)

My biggest lesson of 2017 came two days before 2017 ended. God proved Himself in a sweet way, when I met actor and singer Jason Weaver. I like to give credit where credit is due, so before I begin, here is a SMALL excerpt of Jason’s resume’. Jason Weaver starred in television shows: Thea ( Jerome Turrell), Smart Guy (Marcus Henderson); movies: Drumline (Ernest), Lottery Ticket (Ray Ray), and ATL (Teddy). However, I first learned about Jason, when he starred (acting and singing) as preteen/early teenager “Michael Jackson” in ABC’s miniseries “The Jacksons: An American Dream” movie, and as a kid, I (we) sang along with him on “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and “Hakuna Matata” in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie, because he was the singing voice of “Young Simba”. I still have his “Love Ambition” album (cassette tape) that was released in 1995, and was excited to see him as the featured vocals on Chingy’s “One Call Away”.

I’m one of the ladies that had a MAJOR teenage celebrity crush, that never left them as they got older. I was about 12 when I developed a crush on Jason, which was 24 years ago. Early 2015, I remember scrolling on social media and looking at something on his page and I remember telling God that I wanted to meet him. Late 2017, I jokingly mentioned in a group text message to my family, who lives in the Atlanta area (which is Jason’s 2nd home), that “the next time I come to Atlanta we are going to go find Jason Weaver”. However, when I visited them a few months later, I know that the way that our day played out, leading up to Jason walking directly past me at Topgolf, was orchestrated by God, and not me. That’s not to say that God didn’t orchestrate the other celebrities that I’ve been blessed to meet, because some of them were on my list to meet too, but most of them I knew that I would meet because I was at a concert (that had a meet and greet), a public forum, or at a sporting event. This time, I didn’t play a part in it, AT ALL. I had NO clue that Jason and I would be at the same place, at the same time.

My cousins and I had originally scheduled to go to Topgolf earlier in the day (the first time I had ever even heard about Topgolf was a few months prior when my cousin had mentioned it), but we weren’t prompted or pressed to get there as early as we planned. So before we left to go, my cousins ran some errands and when they came back we put on our normal routine of a singing/dancing concert at the house, we got ready, ate, left the house, and drove a little ways to get there. However, before we left the house, I said to myself “we are going to meet someone famous at Topgolf”. A few days before I went to visit my family, I saw one of his social media post and concluded that he spent the holidays in Atlanta, but neither these things or Jason ever crossed my mind while I was visiting, or when I made the confession that we were going to meet someone famous at Topgolf…..not even when we passed by a Waffle House on the way to the Topgolf, and one of my cousins told me it was the Waffle House where “ATL” was filmed, however T.I., who was one of the main characters all of a sudden came to mind. We were also listening to my Atlanta music playlist (a music playlist that I put together of artist that are from/associates with Atlanta) which his song “Love Ambition” is on. His song didn’t play in the song rotation, but being the fact that I have about 50 songs on the playlist, what were the odds/probability that it would play in the rotation, in regards to amount of time it took for us to get to there?

When we arrived, it took us a few minutes to find a parking spot, we stood in line for a little while, and then we stood in the lobby area to wait for them to let us know when our bay area (a bay is basically our specific area where we would be golfing, like a bowling lane area) was ready. As we stood in the lobby area, in about a 20 minute timeframe, I went from standing beside my cousins, to a little later, standing facing them, but a few feet down. I don’t remember what I was doing specifically (I think I may have been in the middle of looking in my purse), but I just so happen to look up and Jason was in arm’s reach of me, but was already slightly passed me, which caused me to catch only a side view of him, but I KNEW it was him. Jason is a lot taller than me, and it’s crazy that I looked up at the exact right height to be able to catch the side of his face. Had I not looked up as high as I did or looked up a second later, I would have missed him.

I didn’t say anything when I saw him because I was too shocked!!! I don’t remember how I was able to know which bay and be able tell my cousins that he walked right passed us, but I was able to tell them, and then point him out in his bay area to my younger cousin as proof that I wasn’t tripping (Lol)! Excited was an UNDERSTATEMENT, I paced (really fast) back and forth, and went back and forth in my mind with the thoughts of “Should I say something, should I not?!” I didn’t want to bother him because he was with friends/family, and I was also nervous to say something to him because I didn’t know if he was going to be rude ( rude in general and/or “rude” because I interrupted his friends/family/personal time) and I didn’t want to have a bad experience with my teenage crush. However, I also thought to myself, and told my cousins, that God didn’t allow him to walk past me, for him to just ONLY walk past me. One of my cousins told me that she whispered a prayer to God to work it out for me and another cousin took the lead to go over and say something to Jason for me. But before I tell you about our encounter, here is what this experience taught me about God:

-There is no desire of the heart that we can have that is too “big” or “silly” for God to fulfill. God is so sweet and is concerned about what concerns us, that He will move on our whispers and even thoughts. On our way to Topgolf, Jason never crossed my mind. Not even when we passed the Waffle House and his song didn’t rotate in on my playlist. I believe that Jason not coming on my radar was God’s way of blindsiding me, but in a positive way course, and keeping my blessing a surprise.

-Sometimes God will fulfill our heart’s desire when we least expect it, in a way that we know that it had to be Him and only Him that did it. It was too much of a coincidence, for it to only be considered a coincidence that Jason and I would be at the same place, at the same time, for him to walk directly past me, as well as for me to glance up at the right height, and right time.

-Instead of us trying to chase after the desires of our heart in our own strength/make them happen in our own strength, God will orchestrate it for us and will present us with the opportunity. Sometimes an opportunity can be from an idea that God gives us, from a conservation that we have with someone where they give us wisdom, or a course/class offered that meets our need, etc. I didn’t have to “find Jason” as I told my cousins in the family group text message, God presented the opportunity when Jason literally walked past me. The only thing that I had to do when the opportunity presented itself was either decide to go for it or leave it alone.

-My cousins and I were not promoted or pressed to go to Top Golf during the earlier time that we set. Not being prompted or pressed to do something, can be God’s way of telling us not to be pressed or prompted to do it. When it’s meant for us to be pressed or prompted to do something, He’ll give us that inkling or impression to do it. If we had left to go to Topgolf earlier than we did, then I would have missed him. Not only that, when we arrived it took us a few minutes to find a parking spot, we stood in line for a little while, and then we stood in the lobby area to wait for them to let us know when our bay was ready. When God tells us to wait (Consult with God to know when He is saying “wait” and when He is saying “no I have something better”, knowing the difference is not really as tedious as it seems), don’t grow weary in waiting, our wait is not because we’re not deserving of it, but sometimes it could be because our blessing may not be quite ready/developed, and if we don’t wait we will miss our most perfect opportunity. If it had not been for us waiting for our bay area to be ready/if we would have left the lobby area sooner, I would have missed Jason.

-God orchestrates things way before we realize that they are being orchestrated. The way I met Jason may have been orchestrated when my cousins first learned how to play golf years ago when they were little girls. If my cousins were not golf players, us going to Topgolf may not have happened. That’s not to say that if they never were involved in golf, that God would not have answered my heart’s desire, but them being involved in golf was the avenue that He used. With that being said, God will use our gifts and talents to help bring about blessings to others. God was able to use my cousins’ talent and love of golf, as the road that opened up the door for me to meet Jason.

-God will bring you people that will care about your heart’s desire and support you like my cousins did me. One of my cousins originally said in that family group text message that she would help me find him (lol), one prayed to herself when I was pacing back and forth, and the other took the lead to take me over to me him.

Well how did my encounter go:

-When God blesses, He blesses BIG! Meeting Jason was an AWESOME and SWEET experience, and God knew it would be, and that’s why He orchestrated it! Jason, my cousin, and I chatted for about 6 or 7 minutes and took pictures. Jason was such a SWEETHEART. He was humble, personable, and a class act (The writer in me has to put this in categories, lol):

Humble: When my cousin asked him could we take a picture with him, he gladly agreed. One thing that stood out to me the most was that when he and my cousin came over to where I was, I started telling him I was a big fan of his and started naming off his resume’ (lol), he then asked me my name, and formally introduced himself, and told me it was nice to meet me. I thought that was so modest of him to introduce himself because he knew of course that I knew who he was, but wanted to know my name as well.

Personable: I told him that a while back, I made him my MCM on social media, and he asked me did he respond to it and in fact he had responded to it. By the way that he asked me did he respond, I could tell that if I said that he hadn’t responded, that he was going to apologize. Of course he didn’t owe me a response on the post, but the fact that he wanted to make sure that he did, shows his character (as a matter of fact, Jason consistently interacts with his fans/followers, and always states how appreciative he is of their support).

Class Act: When I mentioned the MCM post, He also suggested that when I got ready to post the pictures that we took that night, to tag him and he will follow back. Not only did he keep his word, he went beyond His word. He not only followed me back, but also liked the picture, and commented on it.

-People’s faith can be built up off of seeing our blessings. When I posted the pictures on social media and posted my original written piece on my social media page, some of my friends expressed how inspired they were by me meeting him. Some stated that it showed that God gives us the desires of our hearts and others stated how our words are powerful. My experience was bigger than me, it displays the sweet love that God has for all of us.

So the biggest lesson that I learned from 2017 was to make a habit of confessing/speaking life over what it is that I desire. God will either bring it to pass, bring me something better, or show me a better outlook on the situation.

It’s now 2019 and God is still oh so sweet. He’s a Sweet God, a Smart God, and so much more!!!


I Can’t Get The Door Open: Part 3

So in this blog we are going to talk about a door that’s ajar, or to shorten it up we’ll just say “Ajar Door”.

My definition of an Ajar door in this blog is to be compared to an actual door that is ajar. The word ajar means slightly opened. In life we may have had ajar doors that didn’t go any further to become an open door. For an example, in Part 1, B received follow up emails from the jobs that they were applying for, but it never led to an interview or we may have been interested in someone but it never  went past a few dates, or in my case inquiring about a job right out of college where I thought the Manager was on board with hiring me. 
My Ajar Door story:
After I graduated college, I was in close contact with a Manager of an organization that I was interested in working for. I was a go-getter and was wanting to see if the Manager would be able to create an assistant position for me at one of the facilities. The Manager and I discussed all of the details of my goals before I went in for my interview. Before my interview, I worked on my resume, cover letter, requested my transcript from college, and even put together a plan of action in how I would serve the population that I would potentially work with. So the day of my interview, the Manager and I went over everything that I had prepared, but the interesting thing though is after the Manager and I reviewed everything, the Manager busted out and said that they didn’t have enough money in budget to pay me…….my thoughts were “uhm, did you not know this when I initially told you what my goals were over the phone“?!?! Well clearly the Manager had to know there was not enough money in their budget to pay me from the get-go! This was an ajar door for me.

Well what can we learn from ajar doors?

Well first I want us to change our perspective on how to handle an ajar door that stayed ajar. Throughout life when we experience an ajar door we may have allowed it to discourage us. It may have hurt our self-esteem a little, or made us believe that we will never achieve our particular goal(s). Well instead of letting the ajar door be of discouragement, we should actually let it encourage us. It should encourage us because whatever was behind that ajar door that we thought was awesome, fabulous, and IT, was not meant to be an open door for us. So be of encouragement that if the ajar door was so awesome, fabulous, and IT, than imagine how much greater that your open door will be!!!! 

My Open Door:
God had a better plan than my ajar door. I didn’t get the career with that organization, but I didn’t let that stop me. I kept searching for job opportunities. The next year I saw that there was two job opportunities similar to the job that I had previously interviewed (Open door). I applied for both of the job opportunities online and within 30 mins one of the jobs called me back (30 mins is a heck of an open door!). So I went into the interview using the same resume, cover letter, transcript, and plan of action (already ready!) that I used when I was denied the first job, but this time I got the job! With being hired on the job that I was hired for, I was making almost twice as much that I requested then if I would have gotten the first job that I applied to and was turned down for. Also with the job that I was hired for, we were connected with an organization that has blessed me with the ability to travel to different places that I’ve never been before, see things that I’ve never seen, and meet people that I’ve never thought I’d meet, all of this for free, which I would not have been able to do these thing if I would have been hired at the first job I applied to because they did not have these same connections.

So no longer look back at your ajar door in discontentment, but be content in the fact that your open door came or that it’s coming. 

Trust God for open doors, if you are exposed to any ajar doors along the way, let it encourage you, and if it’s meant to be it won’t open slightly, but all the way. 

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I Can’t Get This Door Open Part 2


So in “I Can’t Get The Door Open Part 1” We went over a few meanings of God’s Will, which were: 

-God’s will for us is always something that is the most beneficial for us/will have our best interest at heart. 

-His will is better than what we knew to even ask for. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20), so of course it’s going to be something along the lines of what we love/interested in. 

-When God’s will is revealed, it can help us to develop our trust in Him and see how faithful God is. 

-God’s will helps us to get to where God knows we will be in the future, and not where we currently are.

-God’s will is not the fact of Him trying to control our lives or destiny, remember God is our Father, and just like our earthly parents, they are going to look out for our best interest whether we want them to or not, and of course the final decision is up to us whether we choose to go with His will or not.

We also saw in Part 1 how certain doors opened for B, and how certain doors didn’t open/were closed. 

For awhile I struggled with knowing “God is this you, is it not you, is it me? God I can’t hear you!” So here is the story on when God showed me how to know: 

Towards the end of 2014 there was something that I was interested in pursuing but I ended up forgetting about. So at the beginning of 2015 up until now, I started speaking, claiming, and trusting God for newness in different areas of my life, not sure what God was going to do specifically, but I was solely convinced that newness would occur.  So one day, a little over a month ago, the desire that I was interested in pursuing at the end of 2014 came back to my remembrance, and it crossed my mind again on the next day. Well on this 2nd day that it crossed my mind, someone came up to me and said the same exact thing to me in regards to what I was wanting to pursue! That had to be nothing but God! That was my confirmation!  They would have never known that I was thinking about pursuing this thing! So I looked up information so that I could start pursuing it, I had to wait a few weeks until I could make the initial step to start, but when I was finally able to make the initial step, another great confirmation coincided with the next step that I will take! So while this was going on God spoke to me out the blue and told me how to know if my specific desire is His will/timing ….basically I would know if it was His will and timing if and when doors opened! 

 Let’s imagine a door in our house that is closed (if you actually want to go to a door in your home it’s fine, lol). The door will  represents the pathway to our goals/desired. Let’s say if you turn the door knob and the door opens with ease, you’re able to walk through it, the door pushes you towards your goal, and the door ultimately leads you to your goal……that’s one way that you know that your specific desire is in God’s will and timing. Sometimes there may be more than 1 door that you have to walk through but each door will push you closer to your goal, and the end result will be your desire. Remember God’s open doors coincide with who God is and it doesn’t go against His word or character. 

On the other hand, let’s say if you are trying to open the door, but the door is locked, and you’re doing everything that you can to open it, you tried opening it with a key, a bobby pin, screwdriver, knife, tried shaking the door, tried kicking it in, but it still wont open, what you are after may not be in God’s will or His timing. God either has something better in mind than what we are after or we will have to wait and go through a preparation stage (other doors before we get to our desire) so that we will be able to sustain and not fail when the door does open. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 says Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. 
We can trust God to open the correct doors in our life, so that we won’t get burnt out trying to open a door that’s not meant to be open. Our faith does not have to be perfect, just when doubt starts to rise up, speak against those doubts, don’t entertain them, and don’t give in to them. 

In Part 1, we see that the doors that were the most favorable/rewarding/gainful for B, was the doors that opened and the doors that were not the most favorable/rewarding/gainful did not open. We can see in B’s career how 1 open door led to another, as well as how the open doors led to an additional blessing, which was B’s house. Even when the hiring manager told B that they found someone for the position, the hiring manager turned around and gave the position to B!!!!!!! 
So there will be a Part 3 😊. Part 3 will focus more on Ajar Doors, Closed Doors, and Trap Doors. 

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I Can’t Get This Door Open Part 1


In life, there are general things that we want and within those general things, there are more specific things that we desire. For instance, generally speaking we may want to get married, but within wanting to get married, we may desire a specific person or specific characteristics, or we may desire to go to school, but more specifically we may desire to go to 4 yr school, or trade school, etc. For a while, I struggled with both knowing when something was meant for me to obtain or pursue, as well as knowing if it was the timing of me to have it. I struggled with thoughts of “Am I moving ahead of God, or “Is this from God”, I’m not perfect, but I don’t want to have, posses, or keep anything that is not from God. Recently God has shown me when to know that a specific desire (this blog is dealing more so with specifics, not general) that I have is something that is within His will for me. 

Before I go on, let’s talk about a few definitions of God’s Will: 

-God’s will for us is always something that is the most beneficial for us/will have our best interest at heart. 

-His will is better than what we knew to even ask for. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20), so of course it’s going to be something along the lines of what we love/interested in. 

-When God’s will is revealed, it can help us to develop our trust in Him and see how faithful God is. 

-His will helps us to where He knows we will be in the future, and not where we currently are.

-God’s will is not the fact of Him trying to control our lives or destiny, remember God is our Father, and just like our earthly parent they are going to look out for our best interest whether we want them to or not, and of course the final decision is up to us whether we choose to go with His will or not, He’s not going to force us.

So again, recently God has shown me when to know that a specific desire that I have is something that is within His will. I will give a real life example at first. 

True Story:

I know of someone, (we’ll call this person “B”), who was looking for growth at their current place of employment. There was a position that opened at B’s place of employment that B was more than qualified for, B but was not granted the opportunity to step up into the position. Because of this B started looking outside of their place of employment for advanced career opportunities. B’s general desire was to find another job, but B’s specific desire was to work for a specific company that was located in a specific city (So the story will flow, we’ll call the city Cityville). Even though B had their heart set on that one particular company in Cityville, B was willing to take another opportunity in Cityville if it was reasonable because they liked Cityville. So B put in job application after application in Cityville and even received emails from companies saying they would contact B, but still no open doorDuring the time that B was applying for jobs, B began to seek God to spend more time with Him (not necessarily for job purposes, but to build a relationship). In the midst of this, God spoke to B and told B to pack up their belongings (pack up as in B was going to be moving), so with that being said B was believing that God would move them to Cityville. B trusted that God would open up a career door for them, and after a while B stopped putting in job applications. In the meantime they continued giving 100% at their place of employment (because even though where you are now may not be where you want to be, still give it 100%).

One day one of B’s coworkers came up to them and told them about a new open position at their job that they thought would be a great opportunity for B. went to the hiring manager to inquire about the position, but the hiring manager told B that they were already interested in someone else, but they would keep B posted for future opportunities. B believed that “what God has for me is for me” and two days later the hiring manager called B and asked B if they were still interested in the position, B said yes, and the hiring manager offered B the position right over the phone (B didn’t even have to interview)!!! B initially took the position because there were no doors opening in Cityville, but B realized that the way everything flowed together B knew that the new position was from God! 

So even though B knew that this new position was of God, what was God meaning when He told B to pack? Was God meaning that they would make a career advance now at their current place of employment and move them Cityville later?……………

Well when B received this new position, B no longer desired to look into the other company that was in Cityville, (and put the thought of moving to Cityville itself on the back burner because B didn’t want to leave their job after a few months for experience purposes if something in Cityville opened up). When B compared their new position to the other job that they originally wanted in Cityville, the content of the new position coincided with B’s favorite area of study in college, the job in Cityville did not (B was more so impressed with the job in Cityville’s salary, but it’s always a plus when you are working a job/position that you are interested in). Other perks that the new position had within itself, is that it was a career growth opportunity, and would be a salary advance from the position that B was leaving, and with that B’s new position’s salary was more than what B was originally told that their salary would be when they first accepted the new position! So, yes B put the idea of moving to Cityville on the back burner, but B also had a desire to move out of their place of residence at that time and desired to buy a home.

So B inquired at a realtor company about buying a home. The realtor company showed B a home and B was very interested, but B did not think they would qualify for the home. B however went to talk to a mortgage lender, and B qualified for the home! So now it clicked as to why God was telling B to pack!!! So within a few months not only did B have a new position, B also bought a home!!!

So what has God been speaking to me about knowing if something that I desire is in His will for me or not……..well find out in Part 2 of: I Can’t Get This Door Open 😊

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Girl Please, Let Him Use You

Women sometimes can be under the impression that God can’t use them because of their past or their current situation or circumstance, but no matter what you did in your past, no matter what you didn’t do in your past, no matter how bad or ugly your past is, God wants to use you for His glory!!! You are so special to God. We are not defined by what we did in our past, and we definitely aren’t defined by those who are trying to hold our past over our head, but we are defined by who God says we are. Which are all great things!!!! There are quite a few women in the Bible that I know that people probably gossiped about, put down, and tried to hold their past against them, but God ended up using them. Since God has a heart for the hurting, when people criticize us, we are in perfect position for God to use us, and to bless us because of the offense that was done/said to us. So let’s look at some women in the Bible that were probably talked about/put down, but inspite of God used them.

Leah-Her story is found in Genesis 29-30. Leah’s marriage to her husband was a scheme and her husband didn’t love her nor found her attractive (Even though the Bible says we are beautiful beyond words Song of Songs 4:1). So imagine all of the things that people were saying about her and the rejection that she may have felt from her husband.However……she was the Mother of Judah, which makes her a Great, Great, etc Grandmother of Jesus. You would think that her sister Rachel would be the Great, Great, etc Grandmother because she was favored by their husband, but the one sometimes that are the least favorite of men, is the most favored by God.

Rahab- Her story is found in Joshua 2. Rahab was a prostitute that lived in Jericho. Rahab was not an Israelite, but when the Israelite spies came to scout out the Promise Land to see how they would invade/take over( including Jericho). Rahab let them in to her home. Now on the outside of Rahab’s house looking in, probably thought she was “entertaining these men”, but if so they should have looked again, she was actually protecting these men of God, in which she did not have to do because again they were coming to invade her people and land……Rahab, the prostitute, is one of only two women who are listed in the “Hall Of Faith” in Hebrews 11, and I didn’t realize until I started doing my research on tonight that she is the mother of the guy that everyone woman says they desire……Boaz!!!! , Which makes her a Great, Great, etc Grandmother of Jesus.

Bathsheba- Her story is mentioned in 2 Samuel 11-12 and she is mentioned again in 1 Kings 1-2. Bathsheba 1st of all was pursued by King David and she was summons to King David’s bedroom chambers (When someone was summons by the king, they could not refuse). She was apart of the scandal where she committed adultery with King David, got pregnant, assisted in trying to cover it up, and stood by while her husband was killed. Can you imagine the whispers and stares of the people that found out?……Yet and still out of all the sons that King David had, Bathsheba the Adulteress son that she had with King David, Solomon was chosen to sit on the throne after King David, which also makes her a Great, Great, etc Grandmother of Jesus.

I don’t know how to quite end this, but If God used these women, what makes us think that He can’t use us. People have the tendency to judge harshly and will hurt your feelings DEEPLY, and will judge your story but we have to keep pushing. What the enemy means for bad, God will turn it around for our good. He wants to use you for His purpose, Let Him.

If you all have any other women in the Bible that you want to add or life experiences/stories please feel free to share.

So Whatcha Thinking About? Part 2

ImageIn “So Whatcha Thinking About? Part 1”, I discussed the importance of being in the Word and allowing God to renew our mind. When we renew our mind we align it up with the plans and purposes that God has for us. It is important to know who we are in God and allow His word to build up our confidence, if not, the only thing that we will believe that we are able to achieve will be based on the lies of the enemy, and what he tells us is that we are full of inadequacies, when the truth is that God has equipped us. When we feel inadequate, we do not have the confidence to venture out into the great things and the mighty work that God has called for us to do, because we do not believe that we are capable. What is the enemy saying to us? What is God trying to say us? What are we thinking about? What are we meditating on? What are we allowing to seep into our mind and our heart? We can’t become what God says we are, if we are focusing on who the enemy says we are. Proverbs 23:7 says As a man thinks in his heart, so is he (he becomes). The devil plants thoughts in our mind, to get in our head, and in our heart, so that we can fulfill those lies and not the will of God for our lives. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy us, constantly trying to get us not to fulfill our God-Given purpose. I was watching a video clip on Youtube recently by Jennifer LeClaire (she is awesome!!!) called “Discerning demonic Strategies Against Your Life”. One thing that stood out to me that she stated was that when the enemy drops thoughts in our mind, he always whispers to us in “1st person” so that when we hear his thoughts, we think that they are ours. The enemy says ” I am ugly”, so we say to ourself “I am ugly”, or “I’m not strong enough to do this”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not equipped enough”, “I’m messing up”, “I’ll never get over this”, “I’m not going to be able to write this blog right” (LOL) anytime any thoughts come to our mind that brings on discouragement, fear, depression, low self-esteem……basically a confidence breaker, know that it was the enemy that planted those thoughts there, and that we have to cast them down when they come to our mind and replace them with who God says we are until we start to believe those things. For me recently, as I mentioned in Part 1 it was my self-esteem. I did not know that’s what I needed to work on in this season, but it felt good for God to show me that “Hey, this is what I want you to work on right now”.  God had been dealing with my self-esteem a few months ago, but I allowed my thoughts to regress (the enemy will try to sneak back in there), and I guess God was telling me, “ugh let’s try this one more time”. So I’ve been taking it verse by verse from the Chapter that my sister from church gave me:

  •  I go over the Chapter starting with Verse one, that talks about how I (you have to make it personal) am _________ (you can fill in your own blank. So when I read it I say, “I am ________
  • I may also go into praise and worship and thank God that He says that I am ____________ and take God (trust God) at His word that He says that I am___________.
  • Throughout the day if I feel thoughts coming in my head that tries to tell me that I’m not__________, I rebuke those thoughts and say no I am________________ and believe that I am in Faith.
  • Sometimes I may just go over in my head and tell myself that I am___________ because I believed the lie that I wasn’t ________ for so long, it feels good to believe something positive about myself.
  • I’ve been trying to do 1, 2, and/or 3 daily. I’m not saying that this is a formula or method and it does not feel repetitious to me, but this is what has worked for me. Find what works for you, but through these things, I’m incorporating what God requires for us to do anyway: Read, speak, and meditate on the Word, worship Him, resist the devil, believe by faith, and spend time in praise and worship.

Because of meditating on this, I now know that I am ___________, but I still try like to read over that particular verse before I read the other verses in the chapter because it’s one of countless evidences of God’s love for me, plus again I like feeling like this. I thank God for His revelation about me!!! Stick with this thing until you believe it, if the enemy tries to get you to doubt again, go back to believing that you are who God says you are! God will deliver! Put your trust in Him, He will not disappoint you! The enemy wants you to think that you will always feel the negative things that you do, the hurt that’s there wants you to think that it will never go away, anytime the enemy tries to tell you those things, began to thank God and believe God that your victory is coming, no matter how long it takes (may not be overnight, but then it could be, either way, it’s coming!). The enemy wants us to stop believing, to make it harder for the receiving! Stay encouraged!!!!

2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Romans 12:2; James 4:7; Romans 10:11

Picture Credit: Textgram